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Atya Luxury handcrafted Bronze/kansa thali set


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A bronze or kansa thali set is a traditional and exquisite diningware collection that exudes both elegance and functionality. Crafted from a unique alloy of copper and tin, known as kansa or bronze, this thali set is a staple in Indian and South Asian households, valued not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its health benefits.

Here’s a detailed description of a bronze/kansa thali set:

**1. Material:** The thali set is meticulously handcrafted from a special blend of copper and tin, which gives it a distinctive reddish-brown hue and excellent durability. This alloy is renowned for its natural antibacterial properties, making it a healthy choice for serving food.

**2. Design:** Bronze/kansa thali sets are renowned for their intricate and timeless designs. The thali, or large plate, is the centerpiece of the set, often featuring engraved patterns, floral motifs, or geometric designs. The rim of the thali is usually adorned with a decorative border, adding to its aesthetic charm.

**3. Components:** A traditional thali set typically includes a variety of accompanying dishes and utensils. These may consist of katoris (small bowls) for serving curries or side dishes, a glass for beverages, a spoon, and sometimes even a small jug for water or buttermilk. Each piece is designed to fit harmoniously with the thali, creating a visually appealing and functional ensemble.

**4. Versatility:** The bronze/kansa thali set is incredibly versatile and can be used for serving a wide range of dishes, from traditional Indian cuisine to international fare. Its broad surface area provides ample space for arranging different courses, making it ideal for communal meals with family and friends.

**5. Health Benefits:** Beyond its aesthetic charm, kansa or bronze is known for its health benefits. When food is served in these containers, a small amount of copper leaches into the food, which is considered beneficial for the body. Copper is believed to aid digestion, boost the immune system, and promote overall well-being.

**6. Maintenance:** Bronze/kansa thali sets are relatively easy to maintain. They develop a natural patina over time, which adds to their character. To keep them looking their best, they can be polished with a mixture of lemon juice and salt, restoring their shine.

**7. Cultural Significance:** Bronze/kansa thali sets hold cultural significance in many South Asian traditions. They are often used during special occasions, festivals, and religious ceremonies, symbolizing hospitality, tradition, and a sense of togetherness.


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