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We strive to deliver your orders promptly while ensuring the utmost care and quality.

Our delivery timelines typically range from 1 to 7 days from the date of order placement.

Please note that delivery times may vary depending on your location and other factors.

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Cookie Policy

Welcome to the Cookie Policy for Atya Luxury , accessible from

What Are Cookies

At Atya Luxury, we employ cookies on our website in alignment with industry standards. These small files, once downloaded to your computer, serve to enhance your browsing experience. This page provides insights into the data they collect, how we utilize it, and the occasional necessity of storing these cookies. Additionally, we’ll furnish information on how you can opt out of saving these cookies. However, please note that disabling them may result in certain parts of the website functioning less effectively or not at all.

How We Use Cookies

Here at Atya Luxury, we use cookies for the reasons listed below. Unfortunately, there are frequently no industry-standard ways to disable cookies without sacrificing the services and functionality they add to our website. If you are unsure if you need cookies, we advise leaving them enabled as they might be used to deliver services that you find useful.

Turning Off Cookies

By modifying your browser’s settings, you can choose not to allow cookies to be placed (for instructions on how to do this, see the Help section of your browser). But please be advised that turning off cookies can affect how well this website and a lot of other websites you visit work. This site will usually lose some of its features and functionality if cookies are disabled. For this reason, we advise against turning off cookies.

Our Set of Cookies

Here at Atya Luxury, we use a variety of cookies to improve your online experience:

  • Cookies connected to accounts: We use cookies to handle the registration process and overall management if you create an account with us. These cookies are usually removed after you check out, but they could stick around later to preserve your preferences on the website.
  • Cookies pertaining to login: To save you from having to log in each time you visit a new page, we utilize cookies to store this information when you are logged in. In order to guarantee that restricted services and locations are only accessible when logged in, these cookies are often erased or wiped after you log out.
  • Cookies related to email newsletters: This website provides services for subscribing to newsletters via email. Cookies may be used to determine whether you are already registered and whether to show certain alerts that are only visible to subscribers or unsubscribed users.
  • Cookies pertaining to order processing: Certain cookies are necessary for e-commerce and payment processing in order to maintain order processing properly by keeping track of your order across pages.
  • Survey-related cookies: We occasionally ask users to complete questionnaires and surveys in order to gather information and gain a deeper understanding of our user base. Cookies might be used by these polls to keep track of respondents or to get precise results while flipping between pages.
  • Cookies pertaining to forms: Cookies may be established when you submit information via a form (such as on a contact page or comment form) so that the website can save your user information for future correspondence.
  • Cookies for site preferences: We provide the ability to customize the way the site functions by offering preferences. Cookies are designed to store your preferences so they are applied each time you interact with a page that is influenced by them.

Third Party Cookies

We occasionally use cookies that have been supplied by reliable third parties. The third-party cookies you could come across on our website are described in the section below:

  • Google Analytics: To better understand how you use our site and pinpoint areas for development, we make use of one of the most popular and reliable analytics tools, Google Analytics. These cookies could monitor things like how long you spend on the site and which pages you visit, which would help us keep creating interesting content. Visit the official Google Analytics website to learn more about cookies used by Google Analytics.
  • Feature Testing: To improve the site’s delivery, we occasionally test new features and make minor adjustments. Cookies may be used in these testing stages to provide a consistent user experience and to gather information about the optimizations that our users find most useful.
  • Social Media Integration: To make it easier for you to connect with your social network, we have included social media buttons and/or plugins on our website. These buttons have the potential to set cookies through our website, improving your social media profile or adding to the data that these platforms collect and use for the purposes specified in their individual privacy policies.
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